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SimpleCirc will save you time & money and help you grow your circulation

Fed up with your current subscriber management software? Sick of falling circulation numbers? Tired of cumbersome work-arounds and awful customer support?

It's time to join the hundereds of other publishers that have made the switch to software they love!

More than 4 years ago when we set out to build subscriber management software for our own publishing business we were determined to make it so easy and efficient that we could save a lot of timing on the routine parts of subscriber management and focus more attention on growing our circulations. Not only did we accomplish that for ourselves, but now a lot of magazine, newspaper, and newsletter publishers have found those same time and cost savings for themselves along with the tools they need to grow their publications.

If you aren't getting the renewal rates you need, SimpleCirc can help. SimpleCirc offers auto renewals, automated renewal emails, automated renewal letters, and our one-click renewal link all designed to maximize your renewal rates

If you can't access your subscriber management software from anywhere, anytime, on any device, SimpleCirc can help. SimpleCirc is 100% cloud-based. Work from anywhere and get everything done in less time.

If you are taking orders in one system only to then enter them in another, SimpleCirc can help. Our checkout pages are fully integrated so that all of your orders end up in one place. You can take credit cards, PayPal, checks, ACH, and more.

If you hate training new employees on your complicated, out-dated software, SimpleCirc can help. Not only is our software super simple to use but we will train you and your team for free if needed.

If you hate service packs and downtime, SimpleCirc can help. SimpleCirc is web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) so your software is always up-to-date and requires no downtime for upgrades.

If you don't LOVE the subscriber management software you're using, SimpleCirc can help!

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