Bring Your Circ Management In-House

SimpleCirc makes it simple to manage your subscribers in-house

If you are thinking about bringing your magazine, newspaper, or newsletter circulation management in-house you are not alone! These days, a lot of publishers who once found it afforadable and efficient to oursource their circ management to a fulfillment house are now realizing that it isn't working.

Of course the most common complaint we hear about fulfillment houses is the cost. Let's be honest, their expensive! Probably the second most common complaint is the lack of customer support. They just don't care enough about YOUR subscribers to give them the service they deserve. And finally, publishers also point to a "lack of control" as a major factor in wanting to bring their circ management in-house.

So if fulfillment houses have all these problems, why aren't more publishers making the switch and managing their subscribers themselves? For the most part it is fear of the unknown. Many have never done it or if they did it was a LONG time ago.

What software will I use? Will I need to hire new people? How will I train the people I have? How will I handle my renewal efforts? How will I get my mailing list to the printer? What mail shop will I use? Will it cost me more in the long run?

Guess what? It's not as bad as you think!

Bringing your subscriber management in-house not only can be rather simple but it can also GREATLY increase your resutls. Saving money is just the beginning.

First, making the switch to SimpleCirc. Cutting over to SimpleCirc can be as easy as giving us a subscriber file from your fulfillment house. We'll then help you get the data into SimpleCirc, we'll get you all set up, and then you just switch the links on your site to point to your checkout page on SimpleCirc.

What about hiring and training new people? SimpleCirc makes managing your subscribers truly simple allowing your current staff (even yourself) to easily manage all of the tasks related to subscribers and subscriptions. Additionally, our self-service portal for your subscribers is also top notch meaning your subscribers can take care of most issues themselves saving you from answering lots of calls and emails. Many publishers that have switched to SimpleCirc that were already managing subscriptions in-house have seen their call and email volume drop precipitously. And, because SimpleCirc is so simple, getting your people trained and up to speed, is a cinch.

For the subscribers that do need to contact you, you'll be able to give them the great customer service they deserve and our tool will make servicing them a breeze.

We can help with your renewal efforts too. SimpleCirc offers automated renewal emails (no need to purchase email marketing software), and automated renewal letters through our mail shop.

SimpleCirc can also set you up with auto renewals for your subscriptions and our "one-click renewal link" makes renewing so easy your will see an immediate increase to your renewal rates.

Finally, publishers love getting back control over their destiny. Whether it's simply having access to their data (and not having to pay extra for it) or it's controlling the renewal process and really maximizing renewal rates, publishers love taking back control.

In conclusion, it's not as bad as you think! You know bringing your magazine, newspaper, or newsletter circulation management in-house is going to save you money and get you better results and now you know it's not an impossible task!

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