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We get it ... switching the software that runs your business is scary. That's why we make switching fast, easy, and risk free.

Most publishers switch in less than a day and we help you every step of the way!

  • 1. Get us your data
  • 2. Set up in seconds
  • 3. Link to SimpleCirc
modern in devnver magazine switched to SimpleCirc

Get us your data.

The first step is sending us a file with your subscriber data.

Don't worry about the format. We've seen everything! Whether you currently use one of our competitors, a spreadsheet, or a home-grown system, fear not, we can get it into SimpleCirc.

Once we get your data in we'll meet with you to look over everything and make sure it's perfect.

We can also port your auto renews over to SimpleCirc so you don't lose them!

host subscriber checkout pages with SimpleCirc
set up your publication on SimpleCirc

Set up your account.

If you haven't already, you can create a free account now.

Then, upload your masthead, enter your pricing, and copy & paste your credit card payment gateway credentials.

That's really about it, and of course we can help you with this step too!

Link your website to SimpleCirc.

Anywhere you have a "subscribe" button or link on your website, change it to point to your new checkout page on SimpleCirc.

For your "renew" buttons and your "log in" buttons, link to your new log in page on SimpleCirc.

Finally, if you're going to sell merch, link your "shop" button to your new SimpleCirc shopping page.

Now you're good to go!

All new orders will go right into SimpleCirc and your subscribers can log in to update their address or renew their subscription.

link your magazine website to your checkout page on SimpleCirc
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