Integrate Your Marketing Software

Connect your marketing software with SimpleCirc to reach and renew subscribers

Reaching new and existing customers is an important aspect of circulation management and SimpleCirc makes it easy by allowing you to connect your marketing software.

SimpleCirc integrates with several email marketing software platforms including MailChimp and iContact. These connections allow you to easily move lists of subscribers into your email marketing application without having to take the tedious steps of downloading files and then uploading them again.

SimpleCirc supports MailChimp marketing software SimpleCirc supports iContact marketing software

SimpleCirc also integrates with ActiveCampaign so you can easily add subscribers to email campaigns.

SimpleCirc supports ActiveCampaign marketing software

In addition to the platforms listed above, SimpleCirc routinely adds new integrations for popular applications.

Finally, if SimpleCirc doesn't integrate with a system you currently use, you can build your own connection using our API and Webhook technology or our SimpleCirc Zapier app.

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