SimpleCirc Zapier App

Easily connect your applications to SimpleCirc. No coding experience needed!

SimpleCirc Zapier app

If you need to use software applications in addition to SimpleCirc and you need them to communicate with SimpleCirc our Zapier app may be the perfect solution. In general Zapier makes it easy to connect two different application's APIs. If your your application supports Zapier then you can create Zaps (triggers and "if this then that" rules) to connect it with SimpleCirc.

If you have a developer or technical expertise you also have the option of connecting your 3rd party application's API directly using SimpleCirc's API and Webhooks.

Currently SimpleCirc's Zapier app is "invite only" so if you need access to it please contact us.

With the SimpleCirc Zapier app you can create subscribers and subscriptions in SimpleCirc as well as renew subscriptions. Additionally you can retrieve subscriber and subscription information by Account ID or Email address.

Many publishers maintain software applications for digital magazine apps, membership platforms, and CRMs, and if those applications support Zapier, connecting them with SimpleCirc can be simple.

Please also check our list of full SimpleCirc integrations that currently exist to see if your application is already integrated with SimpleCirc.

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