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Give subscribers access to your digital publications

Giving your subscribers access to the digital version of your publication can be a nice add-on to their print subscription, an upcharge, or sold separately. In each case, SimpleCirc has you covered.

With SimpleCirc you can upload all of your PDF issues and make them available to your subscribers, including your current issue, recent issues, or even your entire catalogue of back issues. Active subscribers can be given access to all of your uploaded issues or just the issues they have purchased, and all issues can be "view-only" or available for download.

The issues you make available are displayed in the subscribers account (after login) and viewed with an easy-to-use flipbook.

SimpleCirc digital magazine flipbook viewer

Additionaly, you can make every PDF you upload available for sale as a back issue that the purchaser can download immediately after ordering. This can be a great way to add extra revenue to your subscription orders.

If you need a more sophisticated digital viewer or app for your publications, SimpleCirc also integrates with several popular digital magazine apps.

Whether you use our free flipbook viewer or connect SimpleCirc to your own 3rd party app, you'll be able to easily give your subscribers access to your digital content.

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