Auto Renew

The easiest way ever to renew subscribers

If you aren't already auto renewing your magazine, newspaper, or newsletter subscribers, you should be! (if you are, you already know!) At SimpleCirc we consider auto renew the "holy grail" of renewing subscribers.

First, the renewal rates for subscriptions on auto renew can be as much as three times that of normal subscriptions. We have seen many publishers improve their renewal rates significantly just by implementing auto renew.

Second, it costs you nothing to renew those subscribers. You don't have to send them emails. You don't have to send them letters. You don't have to pay for postage. Nothing! When their term is up, they get renewed.

Now of course some credit cards will have lapsed or changed between renewals but then you just renew those people with your normal efforts and get them back on auto renew again. Additionally, most payment gateways do a great job now of keeping the cards they have on file up to date.

When you auto renew with SimpleCirc, your subscribers will get an email from us right before their subscription renews. Two days later we will try to charge their card. If the charge goes through, BAM! their subscription is renewed for another term. If the card fails, we will notify them and ask that they update their card information. Then we can try the charge again and get them renewed.

If you are currently auto renewing subscribers, in most cases, we can move your auto renewals over to SimpleCirc when we import your data to keep them going. No starting from scratch.

Auto renew really is the first and most important step to maximizing your magazine, newspaper, and newsletter subscription renewal rates and at SimpleCirc we make that step simple!

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