The Flow® Magazine

Volume 21 - Issue 4

Welcome to The Flow® Winter 2023 featuring our 19th Annual Women in Glass special. Leading the charge in this epic issue is JC Herrell, a bead artist renowned for her intricate stringer and enamel work. Joe Samuelson III talks about her development as an artist and her life in the forest. Feast your eyes on our biggest Gallery ever, showcasing the artistry and skills of 120 artists. Imagery includes bees, butterflies, birds, seascapes, abstract work, portraits, buttons, pigs, jewelry, corals, fungus, Charon, Lego figures, skulls, figure studies, alligators, dogs, Kokopelli, murrine, dolls, hearts, devils, snowmen, Cthulhu, birds, Medusa, functional work, boro chains, platters, and vessels. Vicki Schneider offers a tutorial on making glass icicles with rainbow stripes, and Deniz Divleli Özdemir shows us how to make a cocoon bead with rainbow petals. Learn about the history of blown glass Christmas ornaments with Anna Miller’s insightful article, then learn how to make your own. Finally, write your holiday cards with your own glass dip pen, as Neacol Miller demonstrates how to make a beautiful purple pen. Be sure to subscribe today at so you won’t miss a single issue!


The Flow® Magazine
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