The Flow® Magazine

Volume 20 - Issue 2

The Flow® Summer 2022 issue, celebrating the growing art of glass marbles and paperweights. The 2022 Marbles and Paperweights Gallery features glass art from international artists, showcasing abstract techniques as well as graphic themes such as Sasquatch, pigs, Bart Simpson, Japanese structures, floral works, space and galaxies, bees, insects, butterflies, nature spirits, underwater themes, Earth as a globe, penguins, fruits, the Death Star, landscapes, golf balls, and Stonehenge. Glass master and visionary Paul Stankard talks about poetry as his primary inspiration and leads us through the evolution of his artistic interpretations of nature. Piper Dan Benway delights in explaining his design ideas and how he builds his murrine marbles. Will Stuckenberg unveils the plans for The World’s Biggest Marble Hunt and gives us an in-depth tour of the contents of the $45,000 grand prize marble collection. Serbian glass artist Deniz Divleli Özdemir demonstrates her technique for making a mandala-style marble with an encased opal, and Şahin Özdemir takes us through a detailed tutorial on creating a galaxy marble with opals and silver. They both make it look so easy, you won’t be able to resist hopping on your torch to try it yourself. Finally, the Village Iterate teaches us parables about life by using glass as a metaphor. Be sure to subscribe today at so you won’t miss a single issue.


The Flow® Magazine
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