The Flow® Magazine

Volume 19 - Issue 3

The 2021 Fall issue from The Flow® is filled with inspirational imagery and process shots from glass murrine artists. The innovative entries of 18 flameworking murrine artists are featured in this issue’s 2021 Mille and More Gallery, which showcases complex murrine made by artists worldwide. Themes include celebrities, historical figures, cultural icons, fairy tale characters, animals, birds, flowers, whimsical faces, abstract art, quotations, fish, mermaids, butterflies, honeycomb, insects, functional art, paperweights, pendants, beads, and mixed media works. Joe Samuelson III takes us behind the scenes at The Starship, where history was made when the crew completed a legendary rendering of Starry Night in borosilicate murrine. Joe also offers a view into the practice of making and collecting murrine, with a short trip through the history of the art form. Jason Lee shares his own journey as a glass murrine maker, and Lucie Kovarova-Weir talks about her growth from artist to top murrine creator. Mathieu Grodet gives us a peek into what inspires his epic work and the process involved. After reading about such inspiring artists and seeing their work, from their drawings through to their process shots and their finished pieces, you can put your own artistic visions to glass with tutorials for a bead covered in murrine by Daisuke Takeuchi and a narcissus murrine by Tatyana Boyarinova. Be sure to subscribe today at so you won’t miss a single issue.


The Flow Magazine