The Flow Magazine

Volume 7 - Issue 4

Winter 2009 Letter from the Editor by Jennifer Menzies Fifth Annual Gallery of Women in Glass Ladies Behind the Scenes featuring Sheila Collins, Phyllis McKenzie, Jean Robichaud, and Leslie L. Silverman Glasscaster with Marcie Davis Julie Riggs—Figures, Fairies, and Flameworking Magic Glasscraft Emerging Artist Awards featuring Jacqueline McKinny, Lisa Atchison, and Martha Henry Female Flame Off 2009 by Adam Villarreal Boro Stix—How Do I Love Thee Let Me Count the Ways by Aymie McKesson They Grow Good Corn in Colorado by Aymie McKesson Five Lessons in Approaching Galleries by Susan Hood A Newbie’s Guide to Mastering Skills for Creating Solid Rod Sculpture by Helen Starkweather Sculpting Boro Flowers Using the Leonardo Petal Puller Demonstration by Karen Leonardo What’s Hot by Darlene Welch Fire and Water Demonstration by Sara Sally LaGrand Honeybee Focal Bead Demonstration by Kerri Fuhr Cat’s-Eye Bicone Demonstration by Darlene Hayes Hippy Dippy Flowers Demonstration by Amy Waldman-Smith Blown Vessel with Lid Demonstration by Lezlie Winemaker Autumn Leaves Demonstration by Jacqueline McKinny Lava Lamp Demonstration by Teresa Marie Metcalfe-Johnson The Kiln Corner—Observing a Kiln During Firing by Arnold Howard Advertisers’ Index


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