The Flow Magazine

Volume 5 - Issue 1

Spring 2007 An Introduction to the Art of Japanese Beadmaking with Jim Kervin. Akihiro Ohkama: This Japanese bead artist explores the traditional artform of Tonbodama. Kobe Tonbodama Museum: Learning from the Past and Present. Remembering Japan: The 2006 Lampwork Festival in Nagara. Artist Profiles for eleven talented Japanese glass artists. The Borosilicate Art Expo (BAE) is hosted annually by Lunar Cycle Glass Supply & School. Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award WInners: Keith Bryan, Ryo Ono and Yuka Kawakita. Emiko Sawamoto: The Cross Cultural Connection. Leaf Motif Bead demonstration by Norikazu Kogure. Gradation Ribbon Twist Cane Bead demonstration by Norikazu Kogure. Lacework Flower Bead demonstration by Norikazu Kogure. Eastern Inspiration: Exploring the Glass Sake Set demonstration by Mark Lammi. Koi Fish Bead demonstration by Deb Crowley. Raking Flower Pattern Bead demonstration by Norikazu Kogure. Getting Acquainted with Satake Glass demonstration by Jo Hoffacker. The Air Trap Anemone Implosion Marble demonstration by Brad Brandolino (aka Anakin). Bronwen's Tool Review: demonstration of RGT Bead Liner.


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