The Flow Magazine

Volume 6 - Issue 2

Summer 2008 Letter from the Editor Marbelous Marble Collecting by Bert Cohen 2007 Carlisle School of Glass Art
Marble Flameoff by Barry Laffler A Collector's World by Brian Bowden Marble Gallery Creativity—Taking Risks
without Breaking Your Heart by Milon Townsend Glass Emerging Artist Awards Featuring Travis Weber, Nathan Miers, and Jesse DeMoss What's Hot by Darlene Welch Gilded Marble
 Demonstration by Terry & Josh Hamra Sea Floral Marble 
Demonstration by Filip Vogelpohl Double-Sided Dichroic Image Marble
 Demonstration by Bashi Alé From Stick to Sphere— 
The Journey of a Snowflake
 Demonstration by Ken Schneidereit Butterfly Style Marbles 
Demonstration by Drew Fritts Murrina Marble
 Demonstration by John Rizzi Bridging Gaps and Extending Boundaries—
A Brief History of the
Whoopzip Clothing Company by Terry Finch Glass Addiction Marble Collaborative by Brad Daphne The Boro Glory Project by Jerry Piker Have You Lost Your Marbles?—
Making Furnace Cane Marbles
 Demonstration by Don McKinney Crossword
 Compiled by Jennifer Quaid and Harold Williams Cooney


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