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Volume 8 - Issue 2

Summer 2010 Letter from the Editor by Jennifer Menzies Editor Jennifer Menzies introduces readers to some of the new features that can now be found on The Flow’s updated website. Maestro Gianni Toso, Master of Murano by Marcie Davis Marcie Davis shares the story of how Gianni Toso, who was one of the founding fathers of the studio glass movement, began his career as a glassblower in Murano, Italy, as part of the long tradition of his family and eventually adopted America as the place for creating his own glass art. Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of the International Flameworking Conference by Tracy Wiggins Tracy Wiggins takes a look at the tenth anniversary of the International Flameworking Conference at Salem Community College and offers a little history on the organization and its founders. Sonoran Glass Art Academy Flame Off 2010 by Adam Villarreal Adam Villarreal shares the happenings at the 2010 Sonoran Glass Art Academy Flame Off and takes a look behind the scenes at what it takes to make an event of this proportion possible. The UK Flame Off 2010 by Emma Green Emma Green covers the UK Flame Off 2010, a two-day event that gives beadmakers and bead lovers a chance to play with fire, melt glass, make beads, and buy supplies. Paul Stankard’s Legacy by Brayton Furlong Brayton Furlong provides an overview of the life of flameworking legend, Paul Stankard, one of the most recognized names in contemporary glass who is especially known for his intricate floral paperweights. Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award Featuring Melanie Moertel, Jeremiah (JD) Maplesden, and Jesse James The Spring 2010 Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award segment of The Flow features: Melanie Moertel, full-time beadmaker and teacher; Jeremiah (JD) Maplesden, who pushes the limits with his beads, marbles, and solid shapes; and Jesse James, who creates one-of-a-kind electroformed wrapped pendants. A History of Kinetic Glass Sculpture, with a Bit of Philosophy Thrown In by Bandhu Dunham Bandhu Dunham shares an excerpt from his new book, Contemporary Lampworking, Volume III, taking a look at the beginnings of kinetic glass sculpture and how it has developed over the years. Glasscaster with Marcie Davis Featuring Marvin Lipofsky In this Glasscaster interview with Marcie Davis, glass artist Marvin Lipofsky, one of the central figures of the American Studio Glass Movement, shares the early days of the movement and the formation of the Glass Art Society. Mold-Formed/Hot-Worked Beads Demonstration by Mark L. Roberts Mark L. Roberts provides an overview of the technique used mainly in Ghana, Africa, to mold beads using frit. Decorative color elements are added with a technique that is similar to sand painting. Using Graphite to Make Raku Pop Demonstration by Donna Felkner Donna Felkner demonstrates how slowly rolling raku beads on the curved surface of graphite molds intensifies the raku colors and makes them stand out. What’s Hot by Darlene Welch The What’s Hot section of The Flow offers the latest information on glass industry events, classes, and innovative tools and glass. At the Lamp by Beth Hylen Beth Hylen, librarian for the Rakow Research Library at the Corning Museum of Glass, provides an overview of the history of lampworking including a look at the earliest studio setups and the techniques used for flameworking glass. A Pictorial History of Beads Compiled by Suzanne Tate Suzanne Tate uses the beads that she has re‑created from historical research to illustrate a bead timeline that covers beads from 800 BC through AD 1300. Late Seventeenth Century to Early Eighteenth Century Norway Bead Demonstration by Suzanne Tate Suzanne Tate demonstrates the re‑creation of an historical bead from Norway that she discovered in the British Museum. Core-Formed Vessels Demonstration by Laurie Nessel Laurie Nessel provides a brief history of core-formed vessels and demonstrates the techniques for using steel wool wrapped around the mandrel to create the center space of the vessel. Dragon’s Eye Demonstration by Christian Arnold Christian Arnold demonstrates how to make an iris as a foundation for a glass eye, then adds a pupil and finishes with an eyelid and tears or other decorative embellishments plus a pendant hook for hanging. Open-Faced Press Molds Demonstration by Melanie Rowe Melanie Rowe demonstrates preparing a reusable wax positive with mold mix that is then filled with layers of frit to create a mask bead. The Kiln Corner—Setting Up a Kiln by Arnold Howard Arnold Howard, who writes instruction manuals for Paragon Industries, L.P., provides answers to questions from readers on techniques for the proper setup of glass kilns. Geode Demonstration by Karl Taylor Karl Taylor demonstrates the techniques required for preparing the rock base, creating the interior, assembling the parts, and performing the finish work for a geode formation. Advertisers’ Index


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