The Flow Magazine

Volume 8 - Issue 3

Fall 2010 Letter from the Editor by Jennifer Menzies GAS Conference 2010—A View from the Peanut Gallery by Darlene Welch Degenerate Gallery Featuring the glass art of twelve pipe artists The Second Annual Degenerate Flame Off by Adam Villarreal Glasscaster with Marcie Featuring Michael Haberland, Ornament Master of Lauscha My Favorite Tools—Heat, Gravity, and Centrifugal Force by Eric Goldschmidt Glasscraft Emerging Artist Awards Featuring JC Herrell, Yung W. Jun, and Karl Taylor Four Essential Tools by Milon Townsend Penguin Bead Demonstration by Melanie Moertel Perfume Bottle Demonstration by Don E. Parker The Flow Tubing Review by Styles 1 Glass Winglet—Using Scissors, My Favorite Tool Demonstration by Laurie Ament What’s Hot by Darlene Welch Marvering with the Cylinder Speed Shaper Versus Conventional Marvering by Craig Milliron Reptilian Pattern Demonstration by Michael Cade You Created It, Now Ship It! Demonstration by Ken Schneidereit Blow Hose Assembly—It’s Not Just for Boro Demonstration by Laurie Nessel Gnarly Fish Demonstration by Scott Griffin Electroformed Marble Wrap Demonstration by Jesse James The Kiln Corner—Kiln Diagnostics by Arnold Howard Kiln-Formed Glass Cylinders Demonstration by Mark Hall Rebuilding a 1943 Lathe—With a “Little” Help from My Friends by William “Boxfan” Menzies WOOT—Wil’s Opulent Opal Technique by William “Boxfan” Menzies Advertisers’ Index


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