The Flow Magazine

Volume 9 - Issue 1

Spring 2011 Letter from the Editor by Jennifer Menzies Fantasy Art Gallery Featuring the art of Lori Bergmann, Sarah Fisher, and Lezlie Winemaker Living Out Your Fantasies by Eric Goldschmidt Glassroots Art Show—The “Wright” Place for a Flame Off by Jeff Zorn The Tenth Annual Art Glass Invitational by Adam Villarreal Glass Fest—America’s “Crystal City” Attracts Thousands to Its Inaugural Event by Mike Melaro Trial by Fire—A Story of Collaborative Flameworking by Jenny Atchley from Interviews with Jacs, Dina, and White Monkey Glasscaster Emerging Artist Awards Featuring the art of Muriel Duval, Jeannie Cox, and Joshua DeWall Glasscaster with Marcie Davis Featuring Murano Master, Luccio Bubacco Jawbreaker Hollow Bead Demonstration by Genea Crivello-Knable Sea Horse Pendant Demonstration by Deb Crowley The Kiln Corner—The Thermocouple by Arnold Howard Making a Sangha Stone—Introducing Buddhist Meditative Techniques to Flameworking Demonstration by Alex Krupkin One-Liter, Full-Jacketed, Four-Neck Flask Demonstration by Dennis Briening Lost Wax Casting—Flameworking with Kiln-Cast Borosilicate Glass Demonstration by Robert Kincheloe Dragon Claw Bead Caps with Metal Mania Bronze Clay Demonstration by Carl Spunde Six Wings—Creating Embellishments for Fantasy Figures Demonstration by Milon Townsend What’s Hot by Darlene Welch Advertisers’ Index


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