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Volume 9 - Issue 3

Fall 2011 Letter from the Editor by Jennifer Menzies Editor Jennifer Menzies reminds readers how rewarding it is to be a glass artist and how satisfying it can be to create objects from glass that serve a useful purpose to others. Art with a Purpose by Milon Townsend Milon Townsend shares the inspiration that he experienced in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, which led him to create a series of glass sculptural figures depicting the mourning, learning, working, defending, and uniting that took place in the country during that time. The Purpose Behind the Art by Jerome Baker Jerome Baker discusses how he was drawn into pipe art and the various roles that it plays in the creative process for many artists, then announces the upcoming Connoisseur Kulture 2011 and the World’s Greatest Flameoff competition for teams of pipe artists. Dabbling on the Dark Side Text and Photography by Robert Mickelsen Robert Mickelsen describes his introduction to pipe making and collaborative work and discusses the importance of embracing cultural change as artists seek to create art that not only satisfies the need to create art but also provides a way to make a living. Glasscaster with Marcie Davis Featuring Beads of Courage—Flameworkers Providing Help and Hope Marcie Davis interviews flameworkers Cheryl Cobern-Browne, Lori Greenberg, and Margaret Zinser, plus Beads of Courage founder, Jean Baruch, all of whom have been instrumental in developing this organization, which supports children with serious illnesses by marking the milestones of their treatment with collections of handmade beads. Glasscraft Emerging Artist Awards Featuring the art of Lisa St. Martin, Linh Le, and Emma Gerard This Fall 2011 Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award segment of The Flow features: Lisa St. Martin, who is a resident artist at The Workhouse at Lorton, Virginia; Linh Le, whose designs focus around butterflies; and Emma Gerard, a professional flameworking artist whose jewelry creations reflect a balance of conceptual art with a touch of playful production work. What’s Hot by Darlene Welch Information on the latest in new glass types and colors, supplies and tools, kilns, books and patterns, and anything else that glass artists and enthusiasts need for working in hot, warm, and cold glass can be found in the What’s Hot section of The Flow. The Artfulness of Utility by Regan Brumagen Regan Brumagen takes a look at the trade catalogs and glass advertisement collections housed at The Rakow Library at The Corning Museum of Glass, which are filled with many examples of utilitarian glass objects including scientific glassware, tableware, perfume bottles, eyeglasses, scientific instruments, and even ornate glass furniture. Spiders—Working with Glass Alchemy Tailor Made™ Cane Text and Demonstration by Milon Townsend Milon Townsend demonstrates using black-and-white Tailor Made Cane, a series of glass tubes and rods from Glass Alchemy that are made on a lathe by scientific glassworkers, to create a zebra-striped spider. Heartsong Memory Beads by Dolly Libby Photography by Janis Foley Dolly Libby describes the process for incorporating the cremains of her clients’ loved ones to create custom-made memory beads that provide a special way to remember them and keep them close. Chianti Perfume Bottle with Stopper Text and Demonstration by Deb DiMarco Photography by Pamela Weichmann Deb DiMarco demonstrates using layered stringer and silver-burnished tubing to create a Chianti bottle–shaped perfume container and includes instructions for making the stopper plus tips for creating a perfect fit. Building an Affordable Polariscope Text and Demonstration by Henry Grimmett Photography by Adam Villarreal Henry Grimmett demonstrates constructing an affordable polariscope to detect stress in glasswork using polarizing film material, an inexpensive light source such as a flashlight, two picture frames, and light-diffusing material. The Kiln Corner—Electrical Basics by Arnold Howard Arnold Howard, who writes instruction manuals for Paragon Industries, L.P., provides answers to questions from readers to help them determine the proper voltage for operating kilns and understand the importance of using copper wiring for electrical circuits and operating kilns using their own circuit. Bald Eagle Bud Vase Text and Demonstration by James Spehler and Dave Jordan Photography by Carol Robinson James Spehler demonstrates the creation of a glass sculpture depicting a bald eagle in flight, which becomes incorporated as the decoration for the base of a glass bud vase by Dave Jordan. Advertisers’ Index


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