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Volume 9 - Issue 4

Winter 2011 Letter from the Editor by Jennifer Menzies Editor Jennifer Menzies encourages readers to marvel at the beautiful and varied glass art displayed in the Women in Glass gallery and shares a thank-you to the glass artist community for their willingness to give to the world at large, particularly through such projects as the Beads of Courage program that was featured in the Summer 2011 issue of The Flow. Amy Schwartz—Sharing Glass through The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass by Milon Townsend Milon Townsend interviews Amy Schwartz, glass art teacher and director of The Studio at The Corning Museum of Glass. She shares how The Studio has developed through the years to be a leader in the international glass community and a creative resource for the region around Corning, New York, where the museum is located. 7th Annual Gallery of Women in Glass by the Staff of The Flow Each year the Women in Glass gallery gets better, and this year is no exception. Featured in the Winter 2011 issue of The Flow is the exquisite and unique glass art of 172 female glass artists from around the world. Everything animal, vegetable, mineral, and mythological is represented in this stunning collection. Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award Featuring the art of Hayley Tsang, Ginger E.L.A, and Amy Lemaire Photography for Amy Lemaire by Geoff Carr This Winter 2011 Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award segment of The Flow features: Hayley Tsang, who spends a great deal of her artistic time exploring silver glass; Ginger E.L.A, winner of awards at the Female Flame Off and Glassroots Art Show and founder of the annual exhibition, For Tobacco Use Only; and Amy Lemaire, who specializes in flameworking with an emphasis on soft glass sculpture, beadmaking, and botanical replication. Glassroots Art Show 2011 by Mary Nelson Photography by Dan Eggert The Glassroots Art Show presented two days of Flame Off competition and two days of wholesale buying from ninety-five booths, with most artists representing their own work. Male/female teams added an interesting dimension to the timed creations, which featured sculpting, sandblasting, and electroforming techniques incorporated with natural elements such as precious stones and crystals. Glasscaster with Marcie Davis Doni Hatz—Merging Scientific Glass Skills with Glass Art by Marcie Davis Photography by Mark Cheadle Marcie Davis interviews Doni Hatz, scientific glassblower who has risen to the top of a field that is generally dominated by male glassblowers. Doni shares her background preparation at the Salem Community College, her work at Proctor & Gamble, and her venture into creating works of art in glass. What’s Hot by Darlene Welch Information on the latest in new glass types and colors, supplies and tools, kilns, books and patterns, and anything else that glass artists and enthusiasts need for working in hot, warm, and cold glass can be found in the What’s Hot section of The Flow. Shocking Pink Beads Text and Demonstration by Miriam Steger-van der Schrieck Miriam Steger-van der Schrieck demonstrates techniques for creating encased beads using Clio rod from Double Helix. Included are tips for proper flame settings and correct ways to encase the beads for the best results. Puffin Beads Text and Demonstration by Judy Carlson Photography by Roger Carlson Judy Carlson demonstrates sculptural techniques for creating beads representative of the puffin birds found in Ireland. Included are tips for making a distinction between the head and body of the bird and for using Intense Black or other nonrunning black for the bird’s back and head. Memento Pendant Text and Demonstration by Jeri Warhaftig Photography by Steve Mann, Courtesy of Lark Crafts Jeri Warhaftig demonstrates creating glass pendants that feature various objects and keepsakes preserved under resin to look like part of the glass. Techniques are included for making the bail, the bezel wall and floor, the basic heart shape, and the finishing ruffled perimeter. Extensive tips for selecting the right tools plus general information for successful construction are also included. Relics from the Art of Imperfection—Cave Art Beads Text and Demonstration by Rocio Bearer Photography by Ayca Moticska Rocio Bearer demonstrates making a base bead and using various colors of stringers to “paint” on a design done in the style of original cave paintings. Design elements include a stylized bird, geometric line drawings, and other figures from nature. Exploring Landscapes Using Copper Leaf Text and Demonstration by Lisa St. Martin Photography by Andrea Mays and Jerry Anthony Lisa St. Martin demonstrates creating a long base bead from Clear, White, and Dark Silver Plum glass. Copper Leaf is then used to add a landscape design. Tips are included for using various layers and crinkling the foil to result in different colors in the landscape design. Volcano Bead Text and Demonstration by Anne Londez Anne Londez demonstrates using domed punches, a Stump Shaper, blades, and a lentil press to create a volcano-shaped bead. Techniques for shaping the crater using what the artist calls the “crags” technique are included. A pointed glass rod is used to sculpt the sharp edges and points for the finishing touches. The Stringer Test—Finding Compatibility in Glass Text and Demonstration by Bronwen Heilman Photography by Maya Hawk Bronwen Heilman demonstrates joining two rods of unknown COEs and pulling stringers to determine whether the two glasses are compatible. When joined together, the stingers from compatible glasses remain fairly straight, while noncompatible glasses curve. The more incompatible the two glasses are, the more curved the line. The Kiln Corner—Converting Minutes to Rate Per Hour by Arnold Howard Arnold Howard explains the principles behind figuring rates per hour for operating kiln controllers and provides formulas for changing minutes to rate per hour. Suggestions on how to have a manufacturer program kilns for a fraction of a degree are also included. Mermaid Text and Demonstration by Zora Parker Photography by Don E. Parker Zora Parker demonstrates techniques for creating the basic shape, then rolling it in frit and melting in to create color and texture on the figure. Finishing touches include the addition of hair, a crown, and tail fins. Advertisers’ Index


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