The Flow Magazine

Volume 15 - Issue 3

The Fall 2017 issue of The Flow features galleries with the innovative collaborative work of 16 glass flameworking artists plus 28 Michigan glass beadmakers who participated in the 2016 Synergy project. Profiles for numerous collaborative artists include a look at the work of Jennifer Caldwell, Jason Chakravarty, Anthony Barbano, Raven Johnson, Kristian Merwin, Ferenc J. Albert, Mathieu Grodet, Ryan Tanner, Sharon Peters, and Shirley Cook. News on the latest products to help flameworkers create in their favorite medium plus three comprehensive collaborative tutorials by Leslie Rowe-Israelson and Ryan Bavin, Dr. Whitestone and Rhoades Glass, and Eric Goldschmidt round out this fabulous issue. Be sure to subscribe today at so you won’t miss a single issue.


The Flow® Magazine