Glass Art September/October 1994

Lead Line as Form One of the most sophisticated functions a lead line can serve is when it is required to take on the appearance of a solid entity. Peter McGrain demonstrates how lead lines can become recognizable characteristics of an object. Josh Simpson's Glass: Earth and Space as Inspiration Josh Simpson's glass relics convey a sense of discovery, experimentation and exploration as well as a grave reminder of what will be lost by neglecting our planet. Sigstedt Studio: High-Tech Medicine Meets Glass Art Val Sigstedt and Norma Reichling of Sigstedt Studio are using stained glass to change the face of modern health care services. Beadmaking Column Begins In Brian Kerkvliet's first beadmaking column, he addresses two areas most neglected in many workshops -- safety and the physics of glass. AGSA Trade Show Review Exhibitors and buyers of art glass supplies "caught the sun's fire" in St. Louis, Missouri, July 9 - 11 during Source '94, the fourth annual for-the-trade-only International Art Glass Suppliers Trade Show. Centro de Arte Vitro: Glass Workshops in Mexico Zoe Adorno reviews the newest school devoted solely to the glass arts. Founded in 1991, the school began offering workshops and lectures on glass in May of 1992. 1994-95 Directory to Industry Supplies This comprehensive directory should be the source for everything you need to operate your business. Pate de Verre and Kiln Cast Glass: Part IV In the final installment of Dan Fenton's series on pate de verre, annealing, mold removal, cleaning, safety and additional resources are discussed.


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