Glass Art November/December 1994

Kiln Firing Procedures and Annealing In Part 1, Dan Fenton discusses the heating phase and the process phase. Larger Things to Come: The Cast Glass of John Lewis In the beginning, working with glass was recreational; John Lewis experimented with the material to satisfy his curiosity. And it turned out to be his life's work. Beads From the Beginning Like the beginning of any good structure, beads need a good foundation. Brian Kerkvliet discusses how to select the appropriate mandrel and kilnwash. Heart-to-Heart Selling In an ongoing attempt tp provide retailers and studios with business information Glass Art presents Heart-to-Heart Selling. Leil Lowndes describes 14 subliminal sales techniques that make the difference. Customers say they buy with their heads, but they have a decision-making organ in their bodies far more powerful than their brain. Glass and Iron: The New Orleans Scene This past winter, the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in New Orleans sponsored Glass & Iron, an exhibition of mostly large-scale sculptural works by 12 of New Orleans' glass artists. Silkscreening Decals for Glass Richard Walters reveals some easy methods for silkscreening decals on glass. Some knowledge of photography, the use of negatives and positives, glass paints and enamels is required. Sandblasting Dan Fenton and Kathy Bradford present an overview of hand cut stencil resist materials -- "buttercut", vinyl and polyethylene sheet, and the high-strength, pressure-sensitive paper tapes.


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