Glass Art September/October 1995

Working With Flashed Glass: Part III Peter McGrain discusses basic techniques for sandblasting flashed glass. The materials you choose and the control of techniques you wield will make all the difference in the imagery you achieve. The Flame Grew Brighter: A Lampworking Overview Following an introduction written by Shane Fero and Robert Mickelsen, a sampling of this country's finest flameworking artists is presented. Restoration When should a panel be releaded? Arthur Femenella identifies the parameters to consider when making this most basic restoration decision. SOURCE '95: Seattle One of Top Three Best Shows for AGSA More than 1,500 art glass professionals attended Source '95, the fifth annual for-the-trade-only International Art Glass Suppliers Trade Show, held in Seattle, WA. Using Craft Shows and Gift Fairs: Part II In Part I, we showed you how to find quality fairs for your specific type of work. In Part II, you'll hear from the artists -- which shows do they attend; how do fairs fit into their overall marketing strategy? 1994-95 Directory to Industry Supplies This comprehensive directory should be the source for everything you need to operate your business. Ten Ways to Customer-Sensitize Your Company Why do your customers patronize your business instead of the competition? And how can you keep them from jumping ship? E. Leil Lowndes gives you the answers. Camera-Ready Art Deanna Lee Birkholm provides information on producing and using high-quality, camera-ready artwork, whether for glass etching masks, a Yellow Pages ad, business cards, etc. Beadmaking Brian Kerkvliet walks you through the process of creating a core vessel.


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