Glass Art November/December 1996

The Apprenticeship System: The Demise -- The Alternatives Richard Millard addresses the questions: What defines apprenticeship? What caused its decline? Why is it all but non-existent today in its formal format of the past? The Art of Johannes Schreiter In this article, Sarah Hall teams up with art historian Peter Larisey s.j. to provide their individual impressions of the work of this important artist. The Fourth Dimension By manipulating and coldworking glass, Christopher Ries strives to imitate and master the optical illusion created by water, and inspire in viewers of his art a childlike wonder reminiscent of his own. The Fine Art of Salvage: Think Resource, Not Waste Sanitary Fill Company's Artist-in-Residence Program in San Francisco uses art as an innovative vehicle to educate the public about the need and ability to preserve the environment through reduction, reuse and recycling. Beware These Nine Costly Mistakes When Creating Your Home Page Creating your own home page may sound like it's going to be profitable. But too often the web's commercial potential remains just that -- potential. The Blaschka Glass Flowers In this article excerpted from the upcoming Glass Art Society Journal, Susan Rossi-Wilcox, administrator for the Blaschka Glass Flowers at Harvard University, shares some of the recent research being undertaken. She presents historical background on the artists themselves as well as their materials and techniques.


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