Glass Art January/February 1997

Tripping the Light Fantastic: Saara Gallin's Glass Art New York glass artist Saara Gallin sculpts with light and works with forms radically changed by the heat of a kiln. The combination of stained glass and the use of wire and metal mesh are among the distinguishing characteristics of her work. Cappy Thompson: Narrative, Mythopoesis and the Vessel Form Using a process for painting stained glass windows developed in the Middle Ages, Seattle artist Cappy Thompson creates intelligent "picture poems" which marry mythology, folk styles and self-expression. Hidden Treasures Inspired by the desire to create more mysterious, multi-dimensional work, Cathy Claycomb combines the use of copperfoil overlay and the "lead edge" or "head" of rolled sheet glass in the creation of her free-form sculpture. Beadmaking Brian Kerkvliet reveals the mysteries of dichroic glass. The material itself is relatively easy to work with, and if you follow several basic principles, it can add a magical quality to your work. Don't Get Burned with Bad Checks How can you protect your store? Security experts say retailers commonly make three critical errors when accepting checks. With an eye toward protecting your profits, let's see what these mistakes are. Working With Clear Glass The association between stained glass and color is so strong that it comes almost as a shock to see a window that uses only shades of black, white and grey. Yet windows based on these shades have had a long tradition in the history of stained glass.


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