Glass Art March/April 1998

Vitreography: The Art and Technique of the Glass Print Vitreograph is the term invented by Harvey Littleton, owner of the Littleton Studios in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, to describe the process of creating prints on three-eighths-inch thick glass plates. Printmaker Kenneth Kerslake describes the process, and five artists' prints and techniques are discussed. Special Effects It is not enough just to know what visual effects we want in a particular window; we also have to think about how to achieve them with our chosen materials, and how the treated glass will look as it ages. Sarah Hall and Jeffrey Kraegel present a tour of windows which demonstrate proper use of special effects. The Wind's Eye Gallery features stained glass works by Ginger Smith and David Wilde. Carving A Name for Yourself in Glass: The Benefits of Making Other Artists' Work In this article, glass artist Butch Young demonstrates how to make a living at glass carving by translating another artist's work. Battle The Big Box Stores... And Win Tradition says that David slew Goliath with only a slingshot and pebbles. Today, small retailers are hoping history repeats itself as they battle a new giant: the "Big Box" warehouse stores that are stomping out independent businesses across the country. More Hot Glass on the Horizons 1997 Boris Chasin recounts his experience as an instructor at Hot Glass Horizons '97 in Corning, New York. Not only was it one of the finest shows in the country, but Corning is home to over 10,000 recipes for glass, a fabulous Museum and the incomparable library.


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