Glass Art November/December 1998

Material Matters It is in the planning and choosing of materials that glass artist and craftsperson are one. It doesn't matter how beautiful a design looks on paper -- the window will only succeed when the materials are right. Sarah Hall and Jeffrey Kraegel consider color, texture, and character of different glasses, as well as how each will respond to any treatments -- painting, etching, sandblasting, silver staining. Making Space Sacred: A Stunning Set of Windows by Sarah Hall Peter Coffman takes us on a tour of St. Andrew Catholic Church in Columbus, Ohio. Not only a wonderful piece of architecture, it boasts one of the largest ensembles of stained glass in recent North American memory. Selected for this challenging and exciting commission was stained glass artist Sarah Hall. Slumping Glass for Lighting Fixtures: Part IV In this next installment of an on-going series, Dan Fenton discusses glass placement on the mold, firing procedure, and slumping over the mold. Works by Gomolka Design Studio Born in Amsterdam, Jos Gomolka works in kilnformed glass (slumped, cast, fused), dalle de verre, stained glass and deep carved or etched glass among other techniques. Many projects combine materials such as wood, marble, metal, stone and tile with the glass to complement many architectural styles. Favorite Etching Tools and Accessories Through the years, Butch Young has come upon various tools and accessories that allow her to make prepping the glass, pattern mounting and blasting easier and the results more professional looking. Avoid These Common Mistakes When Managing Part-Time Workers Motivating full-time employees is hard enough. But part-time workers pose a special challenge. How do you light fires under people who are often saddled with low-level work, blocked from climbing the corporate ladder, and treated like "outsiders" by the full-time staff?


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