Glass Art March/April 1999

Booths by Butch Butch Young and Rita Long review the major concerns of booth/cabinet construction. When creating or upgrading your blasting workshop, you will have to determine your current needs and make some attempt to predict future goals. The Glass Canvas of Robert Pinart Robert Pinart's achievements in glass extend into many arenas. From restoring and replacing the great windows damaged in World War II to working in the three best glass studios in Paris to his work for both Rambusch and Cummings studios, Pinart has completed more than 100 major works in glass including the Cathedral of St. Quentin, France, and Washington D.C.'s National Episcopal Cathedral. An Illustrative Approach to Painting If there is a facet of stained glass where any real secrets remain, it would be in painting, where methods of preparation, application, and firing can often vary immensely from one artist to another. In this article, Peter McGrain discusses ways to understand and control paint on glass, opening up visual possibilities beyond anything achievable through cutting and leading. Avoid These Common Errors When Protecting Your Business Information Protecting confidential information from theft by departing employees is more of a problem today than ever before, according to attorneys who litigate the area. Image and Evolution: A Journey with Mary through a Millennium of Stained Glass The earliest known images in stained glass were based on Christian themes. Sarah Hall and Jeffrey Kraegel trace the development of the art through various eras by looking at the changing images of a well-known figure -- the Virgin Mary. Wind's Eye Gallery Features the work of Sister Nicole Oblinger. Her work in stained glass is characterized by layers of subtle, finely gradated painting and acid etching. Striking a rare balance this delicate, quiet painting style carries conviction, beauty and strength. Slumping Glass for Lighting Fixtures: Part VI In this final section on glass slumping, Dan Fenton discusses some rather unusual techniques that may have creative potential. These include suspension slumps, hand manipulation and fuse/slump combinations. He then adds a few suggestions on cold finishing the glass and application possibilities for lighting fixtures.


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