Glass Art January/February 2000

The Great Glass Pumpkin Patch Thanks to the Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI), people throughout California and as far away as Europe and Japan, are treated to the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch each October at the Palo Alto Cultural Center. This installation provides accessibility to a fragile medium and the opportunity to take a piece of the installation home. Sophisticated Surface Etching: Part 3 Butch Young and Rita Long finish the series on sophisticated surface etching. It’s a subject in much need of attention, because there is such a ready market for this sort of custom ornamentation of commercial and residential glass. The Wind’s Eye Gallery This issue Sarah Hall and Jeffrey Kraegel review “Shining and Living”, Karlheinz Oswald’s remarkable new cathedral window for the newly renovated Cathedral in Juigalpa, Nicaragua. International Art Glass Month 2000: Get on the Bandwagon The Art Glass Suppliers Association International (AGSA) will celebrate its ninth annual International Art Glass Month (IAGM) this April. Members and non-members alike are encouraged to tag onto this celebration by creating their own special promotions. Make Your Own Photo Resist for Glass Etching Norm and Ruth Dobbins demonstrate how to make a photo resist, a relatively new method of allowing glass etchers to create a design of almost any complexity and etch it on a piece of glass quickly and easily, without the necessity of hand cutting the resist. Keep the Family Business on Track All aboard the family business express! When Mom, Dad, the kids and Bosco start their own railroad, sheer enthusiasm and “I think I can” attitude keeps the engine on track…for awhile. Too often, though, there’s a loose bolt in the undercarriage. In this article, seven family business consultants show how to keep common problems from turning a scenic tour into a train wreck. Kaleidoscopes: Symmetry in Motion From late October 1999 through April 2000 the Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, unveils highlights from the Scherer kaleidoscope collection in “Kaleidoscopes: Symmetry in Motion”. The Scherers are not only sharing their glass kaleidoscopes with the Museum, but with Glass Art Magazine.


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