Glass Art May/June 2000

Sticking to Their Guns: Powers Brothers Stained Glass Studio Strikes Gold The Powers brothers are living the American dream: They own their own business. They're artists making money by creating art. And most importantly, they found success by sticking to their guns and remaining committed to making intensely detailed, intricate and unusual stained glass "paintings" in an age of penny pinching and mass production. WorksFemininity Translated into Glass: by Tina Betz Tina Betz's flameworked pieces are characterized by their lace-like delicacy. Her subject matter is drawn from the world of the feminine - ruby slippers, tailored dresses, a baby's cradle, and other stereotypically female objects. In her conversation with Glass Art magazine, Betz discusses her transition from working in other media to flameworking glass, the value of residencies, and the development of her glass homage to the feminine. Gold-leafing: The Midas Touch - Part 1 In Part I of a two-part series, Butch Young and Rita Long present an extensive description of gold-leafing materials. Next time, they will detail the steps involved in gold-leafing, complete with opinion, commentary, and tips. The Devil's in the Details A good stained glass artist can create beautiful windows; a professional not only creates the windows, but successfully manages all of the details around their preparation, construction, transport, and installation. Sarah Hall and Jeffrey Kraegel provide useful information on coordination, care, and coverage for your windows. Wind's Eye Gallery Richard Mueller's preoccupation with transparency, projected shadows and metaphorical imagery have recently found expression in glass. The new glass "constructions", created in collaboration with Sattler Studio, possess a provocative presence.


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