Glass Art July/August 2000

Tracing the Line Throughout the thousand-year history of stained glass, the lead line has played a crucial role. Sarah Hall and Jeffrey Kraegel take a look at what is happening "beyond the line". The Wind's Eye Gallery: Featuring the Work of Stephen Brathwaite Stephen Brathwaite uses many materials to achieve his artistic vision. Much of his work is marked by a wonderful simplicity and elegance, characterized by its delicate graphic proportions, balance, and cool monochromatic color schemes. The Great Australian Glass Roll-Up Like almost everything done in glass, roll-up has ancestors in Venice. But it differs markedly from classical Venetian pick-up technique in a couple of ways. First, it originates with sheet glass (compatible Bullseye, to be exact) rather than furnace glass or canes created from furnace glass. And second, the kilnformed glass plate, which will eventually be rolled up into the hot-worked vessel or other form, can be created slowly and with more attention to detail and expression than is usually possible under the rapid demands of the hot shop. John Lewis Studio: The Oklahoma City Memorial Project Sandy Thompson provides a tour of The Oklahoma City Memorial Project. To John Lewis, Oakland, California, fell the task of figuring out necessary equipment and tools to melt, press, mold, adhere, and letter each of 168 cast glass chairs. Gold-leafing: The Midas Touch - Part II Butch Young and Rita Long detail the basic steps required to apply a smooth, lustrous coat of gold to the surface of blasted glass. Promotions Potpourri: Advertising, Coupons, and Seminars Phillip M. Perry demonstrates how to use every weapon in your promotions arsenal to improve your bottom line. "Cornerstones Polished After the Similitude of a Palace": The Restoration of Chatham's Tiffany Alumnae Memorial Window One of Louis Comfort Tiffany's oldest masterpieces has been rediscovered, and restored to its original glory by Damien Peduto of Long Branch, New Jersey. Latheworking: Part I In Part I of this excerpt from Bandhu Dunham's Contemporary Lampworking Book, the author/artist discusses types of lathes, set-up, torches, blowhoses, and basic technique.


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