Glass Art September/October 2000

You Gotta Have Heart: How to Sell More Merchandise by "Humanizing" Your Ads In this article, three experts reveal a secret vital to advertising success: The shortest route to the customer's wallet is through the heart. Qualities of Light by Sarah Hall and Jeffrey Kraegel It is a reality of working in stained glass that the one element most essential to a window -- the light it will live in - isn't present at the studio. This means that the artist must learn about the light and how it works in the building before she begins to design. Immortality: The Gift of Portraiture by Dinah Hulet In the following conversation with Glass Art magazine, Dinah Hulet discusses her technical and aesthetic approach to mosaic glass, and the evolution of her work into its current portrait form. Using Photo Resist for Multi-stage Sandcarving To correct a popular misconception, Norm and Ruth Dobbins demonstrate that you CAN use photo resist for multi-stage carving. Latheworking: Part II In Part II of this excerpt from Bandhu Dunham's book, Contemporary Lampworking: A Practical Guide to Shaping Glass in the Flame, the author/artist discusses centering, joining two pieces, stretching and compressing, blowing, tooling, flaring, cutting a tube and making a side seal. 1999-2001 Directory to Industry Supplies This comprehensive Directory should be the source for everything you need to operate your business. Ray Howlett: The Father of Dichroism and His Fourth Dimension To date, Ray Howlett has created more than 800 dichroic light sculptures from his unique workshop on wheels. Ultraviolet (Uv) and Infrared (Ir) Concerns for Hot Glass Artists, Jewelers, Potters, Metal Casters and Blacksmiths In 1995, James Schell wrote and published a story entitled, "Eyecare for the Hot Glass Artist." This follow-up story is a response to numerous reader requests for more data. Wind's Eye Gallery: Featuring the Work of Gordon Wright Featured in the Wind's Eye Gallery are a few examples of the many commissions Gordon Wright has completed for palaces in Saudi Arabia.


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