Glass Art January/February 2001

Rediscovering Paperweights as Encased Lampwork Encasement seems impossible when you look at a delicate lampwork paperweight design. How do you prevent air traps? How do you keep the design from being crushed? Debbie Tarsitano reveals her techniques. Through a Glass, Brightly: Reflections on Light, Space, and the Glories of Stained Glass We don't know exactly when architectural space and stained glass first got together, but our buildings, especially our sacred ones, have never been the same since. Take a tour with Peter Coffman. Ke'Ke' Cribbs: Journeys through the Emotional Adventure of Life Through her art Ke'Ke' Cribbs continues to search for a peaceful place. Growing up, this self-taught artist moved 24 times in 24 years, and she now prefers to travel in her mind, telling the stories of far-away places and exotic characters in a mosaic glass technique she has adapted to her unique style. From her studio on Whidbey Island off the coast of Seattle come boats, canteens, shoes, and other vessel forms to inspire wonder and delight in all who view them. Fairy-tales, Mysteries and Dreamscapes: Lezlie Levitt's Glass Beads Lezlie Levitt is one of a few but growing number of Canadian glass beadmakers. She's also a single mother of four, not only keeping up with, but excelling at her art. Credit Slips and Falls: Beware Costly Perils of Internet Charge Card Sales In a land where ease of purchase is the Holy Grail, making your customer's day means one thing: accepting their credit cards at point of sale. Beware, warns Phillip M. Perry. Obtaining a favorable Internet merchant account is fraught with peril. Glass Etching: It Isn't Just for Glass Anymore In addition to glass - stone, ceramic, metal and even wood can be etched or carved using abrasive techniques and equipment. Norm and Ruth Dobbins discuss the advantages and disadvantages inherent in each material, and how you can get the best results possible.


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