Glass Art July/August 2001

Breaking the Rules: Jim Donofrio's Paperweights A little boy swims with the fish. A cowboy rides a bullfrog. Icarus soars through skies of blue. These are the worlds of Jim Donofrio. As an artist and paperweight maker, Donofrio brings realism and dimension to his glass, departing from traditional paperweight designs with hopes of bringing his artform and its collectors into a new era. Reflections of a Western Land: Dana Boussard's Stained Glass Dana Boussard is best known for her large, graceful fiber art pieces marked by curving lines, warm, earthy colors and themes from the natural world and the experiences of the people in it. In this conversation with Glass Art magazine, Boussard discusses her transition to stained glass, and her recent commissions for the Anchorage Public Health Lab and Medical Examiner's Office, Alaska, and Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Montana. Working with Galleries Part I of a two-part series excerpted from Milon Townsend's new book Making and Marketing Better Work. Working in partnership with galleries removes much of the burden of selling and promoting your work, allowing you to focus your efforts on making the work. Nozzletov: A Toast to the Least Understood and Most Underestimated Tool in Your Blasting Arsenal Butch Young and Rita Long discuss the importance of checking the aperture of the nozzle and the pressure gauge before blasting. Unmasking Paul Stankard's Work For 30 years, Paul Stankard has worked at his bench creating the hallmark of his paperweight fame: flameworked, true-to-nature glass flowers, berries, plants, roots, and insects. This year he decided to add something new - small cast glass enameled and gold-leafed masks, nesting under the plants where the root people formerly appeared. Carol Baldwin investigates this new work.


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