Glass Art September/October 2001

Mysteries of Human Experience: Richard Jolley’s Glass Though a master of articulating formal and conceptual relationships, Richard Jolley leaves enough ambiguity in his work to make us question the mysteries of human experience. His sculpture, both joyous and optimistic, prompts us to examine the implications of daily life. Sandblast Safely Sandblasters work in a medium that is potentially hazardous, even deadly. Butch Young and Rita Long present some simple measures for protection. At the Crossroads of Art, History, and Technology The Glass Art Society held its 31st Annual Conference, At the Crossroads of Art, History, and Technology, June 13-17, 2001, in Corning, New York. “The Crystal City”, home of The Corning Museum of Glass and its world premier glass collection, was the perfect location for the four days of glass art demonstrations, lectures, and other events. 2001-2002 Directory to Industry Supplies This comprehensive Directory should be the source for everything you need to operate your business. Working with Galleries Part II of a two-part series excerpted from Milon Townsend’s new book Making and Marketing Better Work. Working in partnership with galleries removes much of the burden of selling and promoting your work, allowing you to focus your efforts on making the work. Renovate Your Studio; Remodel Your Perception Debbie Tarsitano details her recent studio renovation and provides tips for turning your old shop into the workspace of your dreams. Light, Shadow and Mystery: Notre Dame du Haut à Ronchamp A place for prayer. A place of pilgrimage from time immemorial. This hilltop near Ronchamp, France, has seen a succession of houses of worship. Sarah Hall and Jeffrey Kraegel take a tour of Notre Dame du Haut (Our Lady of the Height), designed by Le Corbusier, one of the most imaginative and influential architects of the 20th Century. The Wind’s Eye Gallery The Wind’s Eye Gallery features the work of Sr. Nicole Oblinger, fabrication in collaboration with Sattler Studio, Scheuring, Germany. Book Review Product Review Choice Glass Industry News Advertiser Index Showcase


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