Glass Art November/December 2001

Variations on a Theme Stories and themes have been a part of stained glass throughout most of its history, although their role and importance have varied with the prevailing artistic fashions. The power of themes, while a wonderful resource for the artist, can also be a source of difficulty in dealing with clients. Sarah Hall and Jeffrey Kraegel explore the possibilities and challenges of telling stories in glass. Wind’s Eye Gallery Featuring the Work of Mimi Gellman Mimi Gellman juxtaposes small pictures, selected symbols from nature and culture, and painted brush strokes in an effort to grasp the world. Americans for the Arts Arts in/and recovery update on the arts in Manhattan and response nationwide to the events of September 11(as of September 19, 2001.) Bullseye’s Teacher Forum Brock Craig chronicles his week in the Bullseye Glass factory as one of a small group of artists invited to watch demos, teach each other some of their particular techniques, and learn Bullseye’s educational methods from its Resource and Education Department. Why I Hate Prestige Pieces: Or Give Me a Good Old Shower Door Anytime Some people are totally suited to prestige commissions, and Butch Young is very grateful that they are out there. Temperature Measurement and Control for Firing Glass: Part I As your projects increase in scale and mass, the necessity for control of temperature becomes increasingly important. In this article, Dan Fenton reviews temperature-measuring instruments for electric kilns. The Legacy of a Beloved Gypsy Artist, Teacher: Italo Scanga Remembered Italo Scanga’s life was built upon a foundation of passionate acts and searches. He exuberantly looked at the world, read, talked, collected, cooked, listened to music and worked in his studio. Scanga inoculated those who knew him with enthusiasm, a vision and fond memories of a colorful, mercurial character. Industry News Advertiser Index Book Review Choice Glass Product Review Showcase


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