Glass Art March/April 2002

A Conversation with Tina Oldknow, Curator of Modern Glass at The Corning Museum of Glass In this conversation with Glass Art magazine, Tina Oldknow discusses the modern glass collection at The Corning Museum of Glass and takes us on a “tour” of recent and important acquisitions. Hands Milon Townsend presents a sequence of images for creating lampworked hands. His goal is for someone following the steps, as shown, to be able to replicate the results shown. A Lead-Free World is Almost Here: The Latest on the Pending Anti-Lead Legislation The year 2002 brings the U.S. one step closer to banning lead and lead compounds (i.e. - solders). Now it appears that the timetable for eliminating the remaining lead products will be moved up sooner than the 2007 target date. Alan Sherry reports. Smart Moves for Tough Times: Do’s and Don’ts in a Shaky Economy While no one wants to over-react to unsettled times, you probably want to know what steps you should take now to protect your business if the economy worsens. Phillip Perry reveals what top retail consultants advise. Have Nozzle, Will Travel In August, Butch Young met a student who wanted to expand her business through diversification. With no more physical glass inventory and a small amount of additional equipment, her profits could grow exponentially. In this article, Young explains what initial investments the entrepreneur made in her diversification venture. Then, from time to time during the next year, Young will track this new business and see where it takes her student. The Fusion of Brock Craig and Avery Anderson: Collaborative Workshops Inspired by Individual Works Imagine if you could take a course that presented an overview of various techniques and processes, which enabled you to realize your goals in kilnformed glass. Brock Craig and Avery Anderson have developed such a course, and are now teaching sold-out workshops nationwide. Meet them and learn about their work. Product Review Industry News Book Review Advertiser Index Choice Glass Showcase


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