Glass Art July/August 2002

The Painted Glass of John Hayward John Hayward uses traditional materials like paint and stain in a unique, spontaneous process; he paints from back to front, never using cartoons or photographs, but painting directly on the glass in a half-tone matt. He prefers to stick the glass up on screens and paint directly against the light. In this conversation with Glass Art Magazine, Hayward discusses his painting style and technique as well as what he deems his most successful commissions. Glitter, Glamour and Glass at the UrbanGlass Glassblowers Ball Friday, April 19, began one of the most marvelous glass weekend events imaginable, UrbanGlass’ 25th Anniversary Weekend Auction and Glassblowers Ball. Debbie Tarsitano reports. The Old Dog Still Learning New Tricks Butch Young takes Larry Cooper’s RapidMask one step further. At the end of this exploration, you should be able to make a realistic decision about the role photo resist, and RapidMask in particular, can play in your blasting business. The Artist/Collector Connection Debbie Tarsitano examines the artist/collector relationship. Artists need to remember that their work has to remain a reflection of genuine inner thought if it is to attract collectors. Collectors who view glass as art realize that the artists’ original creative process reveals the best work, and in that process, artists disclose their point of view and how they process information. Friends of Dan Fenton Fund Help a Member of Our Glass Family Get Back on his Feet As you’ll note, “Glass Fusing for Geometric Patterns: Part II” did not appear in this issue of Glass Art as our good friend and kilnworking pioneer Dan Fenton has fallen seriously ill. Find out how you can help. Carved Glass Destined for the Lands’ End Woodland Glass Arts has been creating architectural art glass for the corporate world for over 25 years. They learned a long time ago that it pays to plant a little logo with your name and address somewhere on your commercial work. Still, they were pleasantly surprised to get a visit from Gary Comer, the founder and CEO of Lands’ End, who had been at a restaurant near his Wisconsin home and seen some etched glass area partitions made by Woodland. He was impressed with the work and commissioned them to do a project for his company’s headquarters. A Glass Rendering of N. C. Wyeth’s “Nativity” C.Z. Lawrence traces the steps involved in the creation of this unique and nostalgic painted window. Smartsville to Clarksville: Astral Glass Studio and the Provenance Project Would you consider packing up everything in your home and shop, leaving behind your family, business contacts, life as you know it to move to a small town in the Midwest? This is exactly what Gary and Judy Rice of Smartsville, California, are doing. The Provenance Project and visits to their new hometown of Clarksville, Missouri, sold them on the idea of a new and more prosperous life in the arts. Product Review Book Review Advertiser Index Industry News Choice Glass Showcase


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