Glass Art September/October 2002

Catharine Newell’s Figurative Frit Paintings Catharine Newell’s chosen medium is fused glass. In its liquid state, glass lends itself to continual transformation and miracles of happenstance, becoming a metaphor for human nature. Though her approach varies, Newell’s content is the same: “attitudes fragmented for inspection, proximity questioned, relationships examined, invisibility denied, differences respected.” Shattered Limits Artist Lisa Vogt demonstrates how to combine various techniques to enhance a stained glass project. Art That Heals: From Fused Tiles to Prints The journey from fusing tiles to printmaking is an interesting one. When Ellen Miret first began fusing glass, she never imaged she might one day use those same images in two-dimensional form. Becoming computer literate opened the door to her diversification. 2002-2003 Directory to Industry Supplies This comprehensive Directory should be a valuable source to operate your business. Mosaic Masters: Jonathan Mandell, Gina Hubler In recent years, mosaic has experienced a renaissance. But much of what the general public sees falls into the category of functional objects, like tables, benches and garden stepping-stones. There are artists working in the medium, creating groundbreaking works of fine art that draw upon mosaic’s illustrious history as a liturgical art form, while simultaneously breaking new ground in terms of content, size and location. Making Borosilicate Mosaic Cane: “Vacuum Formed Murinne” Chris Chorvat demonstrates the process of making vacuum formed murinne. The process shown in this article depicts an amalgamation of technique, innovation, and technology. Interpretation: Curse or Gift? Butch Young’s second in a series on interpretation examines her work for The Hellfire Room, which depicts Durer’s battle between good and evil. There are two major problems to overcome in a project of this type: The first is to determine what to eliminate to successfully translate the artist’s medium to glass. Then, how do you make it interesting? Hot Glass Radio Show Debuts on the Internet On February 5, 2002, WsRadio premiered the world’s first talk show web broadcast devoted to hot and warm glass artists – Glass Talk Radio. For the first time in history, artists from around the world were able to listen to dialogue between host Dale Smeltzer and world-class glass artists. Book Review Industry News Advertiser Index Choice Glass Product Review Showcase


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