Glass Art November/December 2002

WD40+: The Painted Glass and Prints of Walter Lieberman and Dick Weiss Though individually Walter Lieberman and Dick Weiss have achieved success with their art, both artists consider their collaborative prints and painted glass some of their best work. However, it was not love at first sight when they met at The Glass Eye in the ‘70s. Magnified Canvas: Inside-out Borosilicate Demonstration of the “Teacup Method” Of the various methods available for creating magnified borosilicate artwork, the “teacup” method is one of the most commonly used, as it can be a bit more forgiving than other styles of magnified canvas. Chris Chorvat demonstrates. The Sandwitch Just Got Sandier, Or “A Tale of Two Students” Butch Young has featured various students throughout the years and reported their progress. This article compares and contrasts the journeys of two of her graduates —former Butchlings, now official Nozzle Jockeys. Kiln Formed Glass as Art and as Accent With glass fusing artists can break free from traditional stained glass boundaries. Projects can be designed in irregular shapes. Lisa Vogt details the fusing processes used to bring three of her panels to life. Ed Poore: The Evolution of Cold Work to Sculptural Glass For many centuries cold glass techniques have been part of the glass artist’s repertoire. Modern hot glass artists now use cold glass techniques to create sculptural shapes that enhance their forms beyond what the artist can create at the furnace. Cold work yields unlimited new sculptural possibilities by extending the artist’s creative design process, begun in the hot stage, to the cold state beyond. Debbie Tarsitano introduces mast glass cutter, Ed Poore. 12 Steps to a Better Store Lease So your store lease is up for renewal. Well, polish your reading glasses and sharpen your pencils: It’s time to fine tune the fine print to get more favorable terms. Rent, after all, is one of your biggest expenses. In these times of lower expectations for sales increases, it makes sense to fatten your profit by paring your overhead. Phillip Perry reports. Best of Show: Delores Taylor’s Work in Pâte de Verre Delores Taylor knew she was on to something when she won the Bellevue Art Museum’s Best of Show award in 2001 for one of her first pâte de verre creations. In this conversation with Glass Art magazine, she discusses her work in pâte de verre, and the molds and processes she uses to create works of art that reference the struggles, dilemmas and paradox of the human condition. Product Review Book Review Choice Glass Industry News Advertiser Index Showcase


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