Glass Art January/February 2003

Swoop Doggy Dog Butch Young follows one of her students through the process of creating her first set of shower doors - a challenge due to the tempered glass. The solution is creative surface etching, which combines levels, solid frost, light frost and clear in infinite combinations. Crosby Willet and Willet Stained Glass Studios: Three Generations of Glass for the Ages The third generation to preside over Willet Stained Glass Studios, E. Crosby Willet shares with his father Henry and grandfather William a tally of 12,000 windows in religious and commercial structures worldwide. In this conversation with Glass Art magazine, Willet discusses his family’s business, the changing tides of stained and faceted glass, and some of Willet Studios’ most prestigious and memorable commissions. Spiritual Qualities in Light and Glass: The St. Mark’s Cathedral Renovation St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle, Washington, has been a work in progress for nearly 70 years. A recent renovation and expansion by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects in conjunction with Portland, Oregon-based glass artist Ed Carpenter, created a new west wall and provided the church with a defining presence through a contemporary yet symbolic rose window and reredos. This church on a hill is now a beacon from inside and out. The Glass Furnace: The incredible landscape, exotic architecture, warm and friendly people and marvelous food are reasons enough to visit Istanbul, Turkey; never mind teaching a course in a brand new glass school in a country whose history of glass is almost as old as the material itself. Lucartha Kohler reviews the newly opened Glass Furnace. The Trouble with Zinc: Zinc glazing enjoyed a relatively brief period of popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Part of the popularity of zinc glazing was the crisp line that it presented to the appearance. Zinc is easy enough to work with when fabricating as new, and there may be enough on the plus side to consider it an option in some situations. But zinc glazing has one inherent drawback. The trouble with zinc is in repairing it, especially when it’s old. Jim McConnell reports. Designing for Fusing: The Making of “Celebrating Life” The inspiration for “Celebrating Life” came to Lisa Vogt when she discovered some dye-cut paper stencils. She looked at the different shapes and realized she could easily incorporate open spaces in her fused glass artwork. High-Tech Hired Help: Get the Right Guru for Your Business If your business is like most others, your profit depends largely on your computer. How can you operate efficiently without a system that tracks your customer contact information, revenues, inventory, and profit and loss? No wonder you want your computer fixed fast when something goes wrong. That means bringing in outside help. And that’s where you face a risky decision: Whom do you hire? Phillip Perry reveals what the experts say about getting the right guru


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