Glass Art May/June 2003

Fragile Colors: Scott Chaseling’s New Narratives Australian-born Scott Chaseling uses a process called roll-up to create vessel forms which depict specific events or snapshots. In this conversation with Glass Art magazine, Chaseling discusses his new body of work, the history of the roll-up and the aesthetic concerns of a man walking the line between kilnworking and glassblowing. Keeping Art Alive: Part II How Three Industry Retailers Are Working to Educate and Inspire Glass Artisans Across the Country The Art Glass Association is providing this series as a learning tool for other businesses within the industry. In this issue, we meet Nancy Willimon of St. Louis Stained Glass. Discover how she has built a solid base of repeat customers, despite the fact that there are eight competing stores within a 30-minute drive of hers. Glass Art magazine Launches New Internet Information Column Meet Ann Sanborn, column author. Hot Wings and Cool Things Butch Young reveals two ways to approach the same pattern: one from a photoresist standpoint, the other from a hand-cut blaster's perspective. Light Artistry by La Stella Glass In an economy where disposable income has diminished in recent months, functional art continues to thrive. With color playing a significant role in home furnishings, Giuliana Dalsgaard and her company La Stella Glass are poised to tap into a lighting niche' using fused glass gems. The Origins of Lampwork Technique: Part I This article was adapted with permission from Bandhu Dunham’s Contemporary Lampworking: A Practical Guide to Shaping Glass in the Flame. This is an overview of historical developments in hot glass working in general and lampworking in particular. “Vitra Luna”: Understanding and Using Lunaris Powder During the latter part of the 19th century, combinations of oxides combined with uranium yielded a “striking” color that would change with different exposures to heat and atmosphere. Chris Chorvat demonstrates how to safely use Lunaris Powder. Creative Glass Center of America at Wheaton Village Celebrates 20th Anniversary The Creative Glass Center of America (CGCA) at Wheaton Village celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year. During its history, the CGCA has awarded Fellowships to more than 200 artists from around the world, allowing them the opportunity to focus on the development of their artwork. Meet some of those artists. Industry News Book Review Product Review Advertiser Index


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