Glass Art July/August 2003

Precious Metal Clay® and Art Clay® Silver: An Overview Ever wonder why there’s so much excitement about a fairly new product called Precious Metal Clay® (PMC) or Art Clay® Silver (ACS)? What is it? How is it being used with glass? We’re about to show and tell you. A Genuine Tiffany Revealed Follow Mezalick Design Studio, Frankford, Pennsylvania, on its journey through the restoration of a Tiffany window, located in the First Presbyterian Church in Germantown. One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians Butch Young selects three of her recent students and will show you how each of them took the same basic outline and created a finished product. Let There Be Light Lisa Vogt details the design and fabrication of three windows made for the Bayside Community Church in Tampa, Florida. The Origins of Lampwork Technique: Part II This article, an overview of historical developments in hot glass working in general and lampworking in particular, was adapted with permission from Bandhu Dunham’s Contemporary Lampworking: A Practical Guide to Shaping Glass in the Flame. Keeping Art Alive: Part III How Three Industry Retailers are Working to Educate and Inspire Glass Artisans Across the Country Glass Art magazine presents the final installment of a three-part series provided by the Art Glass Association. We complete the series with Art Glass Emporium, Winder, Georgia. Read how Ray and Fran Beaupre' bounced back from job layoffs and made their dream happen. Spending Your Internet Marketing Money Wisely: Savvy Spending on Search Engines Ann Sanborn reveals the search engine strategies the experts consider to be the most important. Rick and Lola: A Love Story Different Rick Glawson, considered by many to be the walking Bible of the sign world, was 55 when he died, March 10, 2003. Butch Young remembers. Renwick Gallery Presents Innovative Stained Glass Windows in “Light Screens” “Light Screens: The Leaded Glass of Frank Lloyd Wright,” looks at 48 stained glass windows by this icon of American architecture. This exhibition is on view at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum through July 20, 2003. Product Review Advertiser Index Book Review Choice Glass Industry News Showcase


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