Glass Art September/October 2004

SLUMGULLION Butch Young's story of the little dust collector that wouldn't, and MORE! Coldworking Glass: Part IV Practical Applications for Flat Lap Grinding Wheel Milon Townsend illustrates some of the practical applications for using a flat lap grinding wheel in the glass studio. Transforming Pain into Beauty: Judith Schaechter Judith Schaechter's stained glass has always intrigued and captured an audience. Some fall in love with the work; others are repelled by it. Whatever your personal reaction, it's clear that Schaechter has championed stained glass into the world of "fine art." Though she's never made apologies for her thematic choices, she has, over time, become more comfortable talking about technique than subject matter. In this conversation with Glass Art magazine, Schaechter discusses both topics in relation to her most current works in glass. Online Shopping Season Success: Top 10 To Do's If you aren't ready by the end of September for the holiday season, then you should read Ann Sanborn's advice for increasing your online sales. Lagniappe! Glass Art Society's 2004 Conference in Review "Elegance, Decadence and Lagniappe (a Creole term meaning a little something extra)," aptly describes the Glass Art Society's (GAS) 2004 gathering. Over 1,400 people from 23 different countries attended the 34th Annual Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana, June 10-12. 2004-2005 Directory to Industry Supplies This comprehensive Directory is a valuable resource that can help you operate your business. Problem Solving Guide for Kilnworking Glass: Part II Dan Fenton provides disaster relief and a list of workable solutions to problems both simple and exotic that have been known to happen when firing glass.


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