Glass Art November/December 2004

William Morris: Survival, Symbiosis of Humans and Animals, and the Collective Memory of Humanity by Shawn Waggoner William Morris' work, strongly influenced by his interest in archeology and ancient pagan cultures, addresses the illusive relationship between humans and their environment. His recent Ceremonial Rattles and Idolos are suggestive of ancient rituals, while work from his current Mazorca series evokes images from a time when man was more in tune with nature, its blessings and its plagues. Morris could rest on his laurels as a master glassblower, but instead uses his medium in an effort to touch souls and tap into the primal consciousness of viewers. In this conversation with Glass Art magazine, Morris discusses his process for developing a series, his approach to color and surface treatment in blown glass and the down side, if there is one, to being a famous artist. It Ain't Over ‘Til It’s Over (Unless You’re A Photo Resist Blaster) by Butch Young Butch Young guides the reader through six steps of a blasting project, altering a design as she goes by freehand cutting. Encased Art: Moving Toward the Next Peak by Debbie Tarsitano Today a greater number of talented artists are exploring new ideas in lampworked encasement. For contemporary encasement to make a leap forward, these artists need to take their thinking to the next level, and as Debbie Tarsitano cautions, not let inspiration from artists who have gone before displace new ideas and original visions. Evaluating Your Online Shopping Cart by Ann Sanborn The objective of any shopping cart or e-commerce system is to obtain new customers and allow visitors to shop for products they want. But if you do not have a shopping cart that allows the search engines to navigate through it without problems, then all your effort may be wasted, because only those that you send to your cart will find it. Ann Sanborn reports. Problem Solving Guide for Kiln-working Glass: Part III by Dan Fenton In this installment, Dan Fenton provides causes and solutions for glass sticking to the kiln shelf, texture on the underside of the glass, glass pulling into itself, lateral movement of the glass and glass tilting in a single direction. Coldworking Glass: Part V Creating a Mounting System for a Complex Sculpture with Multiple Elements by Milon Townsend One of the more useful applications of coldworking is the ability it gives you to build an aesthetically pleasing support structure for your artwork. Milon Townsend illustrates the cutting, grinding and order of assembly required in making a base. Restoration: The Definition and Practice - Part I by Dick Millard In this opinion piece, Dick Millard addresses the current state of restoration in the United States. He examines the cause and effect of various practices and profession. Industry News New Products Advertiser Index Choice Glass Showcase


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