Glass Art®

Volume 39 - Issue 2

The March/April 2024 issue of Glass Art® magazine is an invaluable resource for art enthusiasts and art makers alike. Artist and writer Kathleen Elliot takes us into the world of Sibelle Yuksek, known in the industry as SIBELLY and her techniques for creating characters from her own imagination inspired by the images of Anime from her childhood. Kathleen Elliot also takes over the column Artist to Artist and interviews Lea de Wit, Peter Bremers, The Holdman Studios, and creative partners Jennifer Caldwell and Jason Chakravarty on their favorite techniques and processes. Sara Sally LaGrand talks with flameworking artist Wesley Fleming and his recent experiences working with the props department of the new Wes Anderson film Asteroid City. LaGrand also talks with the myriad of people responsible for the creation of the largest stained glass window in the world and the documentary made about the adventures of artist Tim Carey formerly of Judson Studios in California known as Holy Frit. Dr. Julie Ann Denton interviews Blown Away Series contestant Dr. John Moran about his experiences on the show and life as an American expat now living in the Belgian town of Ghent. The National Glass Museum opened in Kentucky featuring the artwork of Steven Powell and the Contemporary Glass Art Society in the UK congratulates graduates and award winners in this issue. Subscribe today at


Glass Art®
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